The Ghosts of Luckless Gulch

Welcome to California, 1848.  Meet Estrella, who can run so fast she burns up the air, leaving a trail of flames wherever she runs on her father's rancho north of San Francisco.  Her pets -- a Kickle Snifter, a Sidehill Wowser, and a Rubberado puppy -- are as untamed as California in full mayhem at the beginning of the Gold Rush.  They're not like anything you’ve ever seen in a pet shop, and they are the pride and joy of Estrella’s heart. 

When the Ghosts of Luckless Gulch steal her beloved pets, and come up with a sure-fire plan to steal all the gold in California, Estrella will need every ounce of pluck and blinding speed to save the day -- and night -- for the hapless miners and her pets.

From the author of the Caldecott-winning Swamp Angel, a tall tale hailed as 'an American classic' (School Library Journal) comes a tale as tall as a Redwood and as unexpected as a skunk selling perfume.  Pull a chair up to the wood stove and get ready to laugh.